Mock Tests and Practice Sessions- Why They Are Crucial for PLAB 2

Mock Tests and Practice Sessions- Why They Are Crucial for PLAB 2
Mock Tests and Practice Sessions- Why They Are Crucial for PLAB 2


Unlike PLAB1 which is a written exam, PLAB2 is a practical assessment that evaluates a candidate's clinical and communication skills in a simulated clinical environment. Although all IMGs have appeared in similar exams in their home countries, PLAB 2 is a new experience for them. To get comfortable in the test environment and to excel in this challenging exam, practice sessions and mock tests serve as crucial tools.

Here’s how:

1. Honing clinical skills

Practice sessions and mock tests allow candidates to hone their clinical skills, especially focusing on the ones expected in PLAB 2 exam(which is generally set at the FY2 level in the UK) Repeatedly practicing different clinical scenarios helps build confidence and familiarity with the assessment format. This hands-on experience is invaluable in preparing for the practical stations of the PLAB 2 exam.

2. Improving Time Management

The PLAB 2 exam is time-constrained and more often than not, it is the lack of efficient time management that makes a candidate lose a station and not the lack of medical knowledge. Any assessment or exam setting is high pressure on its own and time constraints add to the anxiety. Regularly participating in mock tests helps candidates learn how to allocate sufficient time to different aspects of each scenario, thereby removing the anxiety.

3. Getting comfortable with exam environment

Mock tests are designed to replicate the actual PLAB 2 exam environment and candidates experience the pressure, stress, and challenges of the real exam setting. This exposure helps desensitise them and alleviates anxiety and nerves, taking away the ‘fear of the unknown’.

4. Identifying Weaknesses and Areas for Improvement

Practice sessions and mock tests provide a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate's performance. By analyzing feedback from these mock assessments, candidates can identify areas where they need improvement. This awareness allows them to focus on their weaknesses and concentrate on strengthening those aspects.

5. Enhancing Communication Skills

The PLAB 2 exam evaluates not only clinical skills but also effective communication with patients and colleagues. Mock tests and practice sessions provide opportunities for candidates to practice active listening, empathy, and clear communication. These crucial communication skills play a significant role in patient care and contribute to overall success in the exam.

6. Building Confidence

Confidence is vital for any examination, and practice sessions play a pivotal role in building that confidence. Feedback from both practice sessions and mock tests helps understand strengths and weaknesses.

Regularly engaging in mock tests also boosts self-assurance as candidates see their progress over time.


Practice sessions and mock tests are undoubtedly essential components of a comprehensive PLAB 2 preparation strategy.

Aspiring PLAB2 candidates should incorporate regular practice sessions and mock tests into their study routine to increase their chances of success in the PLAB 2 exam.

Afterall, practice does make one perfect!

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