PLAB1 results out- next steps and planning for PLAB2

PLAB1 results out- next steps and planning for PLAB2
PLAB1 results out- next steps and planning for PLAB2


Congratulations on passing PLAB 1!

It is no mean feat and definitely calls for celebration. But if ‘what next’ is plaguing your mind, to put your mind at ease and to ensure that you are in control of your journey here on as well, take a moment to go through this- understanding the next steps and how to plan for PLAB2.

PLAB 2 is the second part of the General Medical Council’s (GMC) Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board exam and is designed to test your clinical and communication skills. Here are some steps you can take to plan and prepare for PLAB2:

1.Book the PLAB2 date: You may want to wait a while before you book your PLAB2 date but it is important to know that as soon as PLAB1 results are out, candidates start booking PLAB2 slots and the later you decide to, you may lose out on the dates of your choice. So unless you plan to have a long gap in between the two PLAB steps, it is wise to book your PLAB2 slot on the GMC website as soon as you can.

2.Understand the format of the exam: Before you start preparing for the exam, it’s important to understand its format. PLAB 2 consists of 16 stations, each lasting eight minutes. The examiners will be assessing your ability to take a patient’s history, perform a clinical examination, communicate with patients and colleagues effectively, and demonstrate safe prescribing and decision-making skills. The exam is set to be replaced soon by UKMLA- you may read more about it here.

3.Book your PLAB2 course: Unless you plan to self-study which may not be the best plan, it is prudent to book a PLAB2 course that will make your journey easier and support your success. If your friends or acquaintances also just cleared PLAB1 with you, you can book together to have a constant partner to mutually motivate each other. If not, fret not- you will find study partners at your academy. It is best to ensure you complete the course at least 6 weeks before your exam so you get ample time to practice. Of course, it is just a recommendation but varies across individuals.Moreover, your timeline needs to be tailored to your circumstances and personal preference.

4.Plan your UK visit: Once you have sorted out when you want to appear for PLAB2 and have booked your exam date and course, you need to plan travelling to the UK for PLAB2– how long do you need to stay, the visa you need for PLAB2, where will you stay for the duration- the ideal is staying at the accommodation provided by your academy so you have quick and regular access to practice sessions and study partners.

5.Take a break: Go through our tips to pass PLAB2 and then go take your well deserved break! It is still a considerable journey but you are halfway through and you’ll find us guiding you every step of the rest of the way as well.

Congratulations again!

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